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ATTENTION: This model includes all versions of the Nintendo Switch, regardless of the extras, colors or bonuses it brings in each store, so check the information before buying it, as well as availability and delivery times in each store.

Nintendo Switch is the new portable console from Nintendo and combines all the power of a normal console along with a high range of mobility, which will allow us to play our favorite games wherever we are.

In a way, it is a triple use console, since we can anchor it in the base when we are at home and connect it to the TV to enjoy with friends or family of fun games, turn it into portable mode simply by removing it from the base holding and even supporting it on the table as a mini screen.

On the sides, it has two Joy-Con controls that offer players a large number of game modes. As the possibility to play cooperatively to many games, so really are two controls in one.

The new nintendo Switch boasts an extraordinary level of connectivity, as it is possible to connect up to eight consoles to play epic multiplayer or cooperative games to Nintendo's funniest games.

Currently it does not have an extensive catalog of games but little by little they are appearing more games for the new laptop of Nintendo, also has compatibility with micro SD memory cards.

Comments and reviews

LOVE THE SWITCH!!! This switch is so cute and I honestly can’t wait to play animal crossing on this! The design on this switch is so beautiful like Nintendo did a good job on the color scheme and everything!!! Hopefully this switch keeps restocking so that everyone can get the chance to have their hands on this beauty for the original price and for those SCALPERS to stop raising the prices on the switch. (BTW for those scalpers reading this y’all are truly disgusting and selfish for not letting people who actually want the handheld system get their hands on it)


a breath of fresh air, the nintendo switch console is in the fine line between a home console and a handheld and honestly it does well in both. even tho the screen is small its more than playable in outdoor activity or during a field trip and if you want that home console experience just plug it into your tv and boom!! a normal home console. the Nintendo switch also have a lot of fun games, Nintendo been making god tier game lately and you wouldn't wanna miss out on it. a must have imo


it is an amazing console and the nintendo games it has to offer are all amazing and fun, the portability is a great point such as the connection to the tv . the only problem is the price for a 5yo console


I have recently bought a nintendo switch and I am in love with it! I love that you can play as a hand held device or on the television, and the quality is amazing! The games available for the console now are amazing and reasonably priced! I have mine with the blue and pink handles and they are also visually appealing!