Freeflowingvisuals is a figurative language with the vision to go beyond words in the exploration of the spiritual universe. 
What is Metaphysics other than a merging of the spiritual and the material and freeflowingvisuals does this in its live performance art. Any artist, who is inspired and uses material to make Art is dealing with Metaphysics, in some way. The Freeflowingvisual artist merges the spiritual and the material to achieve the ideal of Metaphysics - the seeking and discovery of Truth, Beauty & Goodness.
Freeflowingvisuals was established in 2006 by Peter Toy. It is based in Perth Australia and is global in its outreach, functioning as a facilitator and documentary archivist of Performance Art.  Performance Art is the most democratic visual art form because it uses the human body together with conventional iconography and symbology to create its images and tell its stories.
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