Bone broth is not about the expected outcome or product of this work - a few litres of broth. The whole process, over 48 hours of making the work, is a metaphor for everything about nourishing ourselves. Not just about restoring our depleted and exhausted physical bodies, not just about intellectualising on the subject of nourishment, but more importantly, realising how be nourish ourselves spiritually.   
Bone Broth, a 48 hour performance event, is based on the traditional recipes of making nutritional broth from animal bones where a process of 48 hours of continuous simmering and rendering is recommended. Ideas and thinking relating to Art and life are simmered in a big pot, continuously as a durational process. The resulting concoction is drunk as a restorative against the ills of the world. What is it about the bones that makes Bone Broth so magical in its restorative powers. Is it the marrow and nutrients. Obviously, the cooking for 48 hours is necessary to draw-out the nutrients from the bones; until the bones become like chalk. The resulting broth contains all the nourishment which has healing potential for the depleted human body.

Preparation of bones for the making of Bone Broth. (Photo - Peter Toy 2018)

How does the public interact with this Live Art work:
The artist performs continuously for 48 hours within a gallery or performance space.
What we see installed in this space is an improvised domestic setting - a large
kitchen table with a portable cooker upon which is a large pot for the bone broth. For
the 48 hour duration, the audience is free to view the progress of the performance process as he attends to the cooking process. At the end of the 48 hour period, he remove all the bones from the pot and the broth is prepared for drinking. The audience is then invited to take a sample of the broth, if they wish.

Preparation of bones for the making of Bone Broth. (Photo - Peter Toy 2018)

Comments from the Bone broth performance at The Brave New Works Festival, Denmark, Western Australia, November 2019:
"The air is thick & pongy, as the toothless old man tends the flame and stirs the pot, as if letting Grimms Fairytale unfold. Just as gruesome and nourishing...." (Mimi)
"The rain has stopped. I run to seek my needs, I know that the broth will fill me with a nurturing and sustaining sensory support. I will see you anon! Goodnight my new friend." (anonymous)
"On the second day of cooking someone made the comment that the broth looked quite disgusting. I replied that I found it quite beautiful. Whilst stirring the broth, it appeared to me like the plasma of a newly created universe spewed out from an exploding sun system." (the artist).

Bone broth after 48 hours of simmering. (Video - Marina Toy 2019).

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