Some of us understand scripture, not through reading of the text but by wearing the actual text as a face mask. The Commander-in-chief achieves this by tearing pages from the Holy Bible and forming a mask in the shape of his own face. This makes him more powerful and in his own mind, more holy. He is, after all, the Commander-in chief.

"The commander-in-chief gazing into the pool of Self admiration". East Perth Power Station, 2018. (video duration 52 sec).

Performative Video Installation:
Video (52 sec. duration) looped and projected on the gallery wall.
Three face masks are placed on the floor, at the base of the video projection. 
Notes explaining the work: "These face masks have been made from pages from the Holy Bible. They can conceal your identity by placing over your face. Once on, you cannot see anything but others can see you as a believer."

Installation view of performative video installation. (Wearable face masks made from pages of the holy bible). 

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