The black oil paint on canvas is a deliberate statement on darkness generally. I find darkness quite comforting - a kind of hibernation from the world. Colour is a very sociable thing with connections to emotions, to life and the world. Colour encourages conversation whereas darkness is lonely and not to be encouraged as a positive thing. I like the comfort of darkness, its aloneness, its distance from social obligations and in a Christian sense this may be seen as wrong or against its principals of love and service.
Having make this personal statement, I need to state now that this is not about me and my emotional life or something I am going through. Darkness is something I am looking at and showing it as a subject. 
Darkness could be sadness, despair, a whole raft of negative emotions with a crippling effect on our life and general well being. What do we discover in this darkness - dark pleasures like bondage, sadism, masochism and narcissism. Darkness could also be the torment of being face to face with oneself and the truth of who we are in all our ugliness and dread of loneliness. The magic here is to find a way to enjoy being alone with oneself, this solitude.
And then there is the the darkness of grief and the pain and suffering we all experience. This darkness is like the layers of black oil paint with opacity so dense we can't see through it, we merge with it in our suffering and this brings comfort, a shared comfort that we are not alone as we move through these layers of beautiful black opacity.
As a Painter, I work blind - I make the work and then explain it to myself. In the painting I am also recording a unique action - anti-clockwise elliptic circles of small objects. These are the fragments of hope and faith in a loving and friendly universe. These fragments of hope float above the opacity of dark fear and despair - on a similar orbit but of a different nature.

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