Seaweed, Human Hair, Twigs, Stones and eggs. (Oil on canvas.1.2m x 1.2m). Peter Toy 2020.

This is a study for a live performance where the body of flesh and bone demonstrates a ritualistic engagement with raw materials. Materials common to animals and symbolic of fertility, the simple egg. Material common to men and women and symbolic of sexuality, our hair. Materials common to plant life in the oceans, Seaweed and plant life on the earth, Twigs. And finally, the inorganic world, the cosmos at large, the universe expanding and exploding to create new worlds for new generations of mortals who will emerge some time in the future.
The mortal body of flesh and blood feels the cord of human hair beneath him and follows the path, as if blind to what could happen. The cord of hair ends at a nest of eggs which becomes a comfort to him. He knows the ritual and performs it with sincerity and poise, breaking each egg on his face and rubbing this through his head and hair with pleasure. 
It amazes me how similar human hair and seaweed are. As if the ocean is a person and the seaweed her hair. With this thought in mind, the performer once again follows the path of seaweed in the same manner as he followed the cord of human hair. This journey ends in a pile of small stones and twigs. The ritual he performs here with the stones and twigs is to organise these materials into a pattern of a large elliptical orbit.

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