"Morphic Resonance" by Peter Toy - 1986. Staged Performance. The Claremont School of Art Gallery, Western Australia.

The central structure you see before you - The Citadel (1) - has just emerged from a 7.9 light year journey via a galaxy in Andromeda (M31). The Citadel is capable of space flight, (in ordained circuits) in excess of three times the speed of light.  
Any organic presence within the structure during travel is combustible.
Thus we recommend no presence within the actual Citadel structure. Travel of the Citadel is unpredictable, as is also its sudden arrival and departure. This unpredictability however does reveal a pattern: for example.... every time it arrives on a new planet, (it always appears on inhabited planets), the civilisation of the planet seems slightly more advanced than the the world of previous visitation. It is as if the Citadel is making a progressive evolutionary excursion through the universes.               It is repeatedly observed that the presence of the Citadel seems to generate a patterned human behaviour which is quite inexplicable. This behaviour could be described as Morphogenetic (3). It utilises the Citadel's inner components, (the swords) to destroy an outer reality, in turn, the Citadel's inner chambers replaced with components (2), from the damaged reality. This can only be explained by the Morphogenetic field theory (3), where the Citadel structure is capable of ordering behaviour and also physical changes within its particular field.                                  This Morphogenetic drama is repeated over and over again in different planetary events, as it suddenly appears and disappears.... never to be seen again. It is unpredictable and totally irrational.
(1) The brick cone structure exists in two different environments.... the first being that of devastation, anxiety and destruction. The second (with projections of the universe) is transcendental to the first.... being its primordial existence amidst the cosmos. The structure could be seen as a Citadel, protecting the essence of human existence in its journey through time and space.
(2) The oil lamp and hand facsimile: The lamp is a constant, existing in both environments, (devastation and transcendental), it is the human spirit. It is also the primordial electronic component, emitting its own reality.... light. The hand facsimile is the transportable human identity... the other component.
(3) The Morphogenetic field: such as reproduction of a higher dimensional reality into a field which has not actualised wholeness.

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