Playing with the Beast uses fire to destroy negative influences in a physical and alchemical sense, a purification of the creative process, to arrive at a contemplative state of mind where expression and playfulness traverse the soul, the mind and ones physical body. The Beast is seen as the negative influences in the creative process, which twist and pervert our own innocence . We have attached ourselves to these through our own folly and ignorance of who we really are as creative individuals.
The purpose of the rite is to burn the Beast to bring about freedom of ones creative process. Without the Beast as an influence we are just ourselves playing a game of exploring the beautiful in ourselves and in the world. The Beast is not beautiful, it is ugly and twisted. We know that the best way to escape this is to “play with fire” until all this fuel is consumed, then we are free.

Who is the Beast.
The beast is contemporary art, in all its forms. It is we who participate in the making of this beast. We lack a true sense of freedom because of our bondage to this beast. As Artists, we admire other Artists and their work, this is only natural. But it is the influence others have which diminishes our own originality, we are mostly unaware of this compromise of creativity and this is typical of contemporary art. This is what I mean by a lack of freedom.

The Process:
The project is part Psychodrama, part Art making. The process could be considered Art therapy, but it is more than this. We need to consider the question of originality and how this has become diminished in the contemporary art world. So if it is therapy, it is a therapy dealing with our own originality of thinking and creativity. The reference to others, their thinking and creativity is a part of the process whereby we dispel this as an influence. Are we left empty, with nothing to say or do - the greatest fear of an Artist. Or, do we experience a freedom of having to think and act for ourselves.
As a participant in this process we need to identify who are the influences for our own thinking and creativity. It may be another Artist we admire, or it could be the lure of recognition by mainstream establishment or encouragement by the contemporary art world. This is a tough call as we will be proposing to dispel this influence by producing a Psychodrama and performance art work. This is a true anarchist position but one giving you responsibility for your own thinking and creativity.

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