Istanbul, Turkey. 2015. (No Audio).  Daily life in and around the city of Istanbul. The imagery here is about "things". In the same way that salt crystals are to our sense of taste these images are stimulation to our eyes, memory and recognition. 
This video is a significant departure from the Freeflowingvisuals style of video. Firstly, I am using a video camera, (not a still camera), to make video. Secondly, the video is a study of various interrelated objects of everyday life. Freeflowingvisuals is basically opposed to this method of framing the subjective and in turn gives free reign to chance in its exploration of an expanding visual universe. Freeflowingvisuals achieves this method of making by being absent at the time of deciding what is to captured by camera. Being absent; means seeing the recording camera as a mechanical process and keeping a subjective distance from this process. This results in an imagery which becomes discoverable by our own subjectivity. This imagery is then moulded into a time based work which stimulates our memory and recognition.

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