When we enter Nature, we find our whole philosophy of living is re-considered.
"Stillness" is about how we experience time and timeless events... " I look at the Banksia tree, I touch the Banksia, I put my head down on its thick soft trunk, I close my eyes and relax in the shade of this hot day."

"A stomach for this nature" Site-specific performance. (Peter Toy - 2002)

"As I move on and walk off.... a feeling comes over me - of disappointment that I am leaving her company. But this is a tree, not a human soul - how can a tree be reflective and express these human feelings. Such is the mystery of Nature, which leads to believe that there is an intelligence in Nature which is quite beyond our comprehension."
"I walk from the established path into the undergrowth of dried grasses and Banksia groves and marvel at how time has gathered the events of growth and death into a complex mess we call wilderness." 
"I am the stranger here, I have a different gender. I walk back through the dried grasses and dead branches to the established path, pondering these words and feeling quite timeless."

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