"I've heard the soul unfolds in the chambers of its longing." (Leonard Cohen - 2014). These are powerful words and opens up the question of the desiring body and how our mind desires pleasure through our actions.
Does the body control the mind or mind control the body. Our spirit must be that pure essence which holds us firm and endures all our emotions.
I have heard that the fusion of the mind and the body gives rise to the soul. Who leads who - mind, body or soul. I can touch my body of flesh and blood, my mind is satisfied that it is real. Who is this soul we talk about. What does it look like, why can't we see it. Is it dark or light, weak or strong. Does it live and die like the body. I have heard of those who loose their souls by trading it for fame and fortune, is this true. I have heard of tortured souls who have no fame or fortune only pain and suffering. 
After a million years of Homo sapien evolution to make this body, this son of Man. Here I am in late 2021 trying to fuse my mind and body in the hope of giving birth to my soul. What is this mind, we need it, we use it quite unconscious of what it is, like the magic of the universe - like one is physical the other spiritual - connecting us to the cosmos. It is this soul that is going to take me to the other side. Have I got this soul, I don't want to stay isolated in this body and mind, I want my own soul - unique to me only, my personal soul which is truely me, uniquely me.

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