The ancient hour-glass measured time by the controlled falling of fine sand. This work attempts to make 'peace' with Time by invoking this ancient hour-glass. Life size and human in scale, with fine sand continuously falling over the body. Could this PEACE experience be non-action - doing nothing as the sand falls. Yes, but it is definitely a PEACE action worth noting, as we revaluate how we cope with endurance of any kind.

"Time-peace" - 2020. Western Australia. (Photo - Peter Toy).

Demonstrating the peace experience - standing still as time goes by. The standing still is an inner commitment to the strength of the soul, independent of fleeting impulses of the sensory experiences of the world.
"There are other worlds to explore where the elements are not so extreme as ours -softer, more gentle and more loving." (Time-peace - 2020).

"Time-peace" - 2020. Western Australia. (Photo - Peter Toy).

"Time-peace" - Video 90 sec.  (Peter Toy -2020).

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